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Ends is a popular betting game for 2-11 players (best for 5+ players), meant for observers of curling games, especially during bonspiels.

The deck consists of numbered 'curling rock' cards, in values from 1-5, in colors to match the rocks in play, as well as an 'O' or 'blank end' card, in the colors of of the house.

The general rules are as follows:
Before each end of a game, each player puts an ante into the betting pot; this can be a dollar, a coin, a piece of candy, etc. Pull as many cards from the deck as there are players, starting with the lowest card (the 'O', then the 1 of each color, the 2 of each color, and so forth). Shuffle these, hold them out face down, and let each player pick one card to place face up in front of them; this is the score they are betting on. When the end is complete, whoever has the card which matches the score wins the pot (i.e. if the yellow team scored two points, the player with the 2 of yellow card wins); the 'O' card wins for either a blank end, or for a score higher than any other cards in play.
Common variations are:
1. Additional cards beyond the number of players may be added to the shuffle; if any of the extra cards not picked wins, the pot rolls over, and another ante is added to the pot for the next end.
2. The 'O' card can be made to be only valid to win for a blank end; if a score higher than any cards in play is scored, then the pot rolls over, and another ante is added to the pot for the next end.

The travel card decks are printed on oversized 'Tarot-size' cards, to allow for better visibility when holding up to the glass during a friendly tournament. There are two versions available for purchase; use links below to be taken directly to the product pages:
  • "Standard" Ends deck consists of 'rock' cards in Yellow, Red, and Blue, as well as three 'O' cards, in popular house color combinations of Red/Blue, Blue/Red, and Green/Blue, plus a handy-reference instruction/rules card.
  • "Complete" Ends deck consists of 'rock' cards in Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green, as well as twelve 'O' cards, in all possible house color combinations of those four colors, plus a handy-reference instruction/rules card.

There is also a "LARGE format" deck, which is printed on oversized 8"x10" tiles, for even better visibility when at a home curling club that is larger, or has an upper deck viewing area. Due to the higher cost of these cards, to keep the overall cost down, this deck consists of a minimal set of 'rock' cards in Yellow and Red, as well as a single 'O' card, in the house color combination of Green/Blue. The same handy-reference instruction/rules from the above decks are printed on the back of each card in this deck.

Interested in a custom club deck? Email for more information.

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