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Taylor Tarot is a simple, graphical deck of Tarot cards, suitable for playing Tarocchi games, or for use in Cartomancy.

This standard 78-card deck includes four suits of 14 cards each (in Cartomancy, referred to as the Minor Arcana), using the Spanish suits of Cups, Coins, Clubs, and Swords; each suit consists of the one through Ten, plus the Knave, Knight, Queen,and King. In addition, there is the Trump suit (in Cartomancy, referred to as the Major Arcana), consisting of 22 cards; the Fool (also referred to as the Joker or the Excuse), which is unnumbered, and 21 numbered cards, each with a name taken from classic Tarot decks.

Rather than the typical lavish illustrations, this deck has a simple,clean, graphical aesthetic, that is both easy-to-read, and has a beauty all its own.

There are two versions available for purchase; use links below to be taken directly to the product pages:
  • "Standard" deck is printed on DTC 'Premium' card stock.
  • "Deluxe" deck is printed on DTC 'Embossed' card stock, and is packaged in a custom tuckbox.
Also see our "Travel" edition, for Tarot on-the-go!

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